Mount Holly, NJ, offers a range of local eateries, each with its own charm and flavors. From slices to creamy vegan ice cream to mouthwatering burgers, the town caters to various tastes. Here are some standout spots to explore:


Downtown Pizza and Grill

If you’re in the mood for a quick and delicious slice of pizza or a fulfilling lunch, Downtown Pizza and Grill is the place to go. This local gem offers a selection of freshly made slices, perfect for a quick bite on the go. Their lunch specials are equally enticing, providing a variety of options that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a pizza enthusiast or simply craving a tasty lunch, Downtown Pizza and Grill will surely satisfy your cravings.

Ice Cream

Vincent’s Ice Cream Shop

For those with a sweet tooth, Vincents Ice Cream Shop is a must-visit. This charming spot boasts a delectable array of fun and inventive ice cream flavors that are all made in house. they offer delightful vegan options. From classic favorites to creative concoctions, each scoop at Vincents is a delightful step into the world of ice cream. The friendly staff and atmosphere only add to the overall experience, making it a favorite spot for families and the friends.

Burgers and Tacos


Craving a juicy burger or some mouthwatering tacos? B-Unos has got you covered. This trendy eatery combines the best of both worlds, offering a diverse menu that caters to burger and taco aficionados. With a creative twist on classic dishes, B-Unos lets you have all your cheat meals in one place. It’s good comfort food made by good people

Beer To-Go

Village Idiot Brewery

If you’re a beer enthusiast, the Village Idiot Brewery is a destination worth visiting. Apart from their impressive selection of draft beers, this brewery takes it a step further by canning any draft beer right in front of you, perfect for to-go. The knowledgeable and passionate staff are always ready to recommend the best brews that match your preferences. The rustic and laid-back atmosphere makes Village Idiot Brewery an excellent spot to unwind with friends while enjoying great beer.

Mount Holly is a Great Spot for Food!

Mount Holly, NJ, has something for everyone, and its local restaurant scene reflects this diverse culinary spirit. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick slice, vegan ice cream, flavorsome burgers, or craft beer to-go, these delightful spots have you covered. So, grab a bite to go and enjoy it at the Smoking Dog, with a fine cigar.